HotFrost V115PUF

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HotFrost V115PUF
Type of water temperature:
hot - coldUsually, water dispensers give the consumer availability to collect in reservoir both hot and cold water. But there are models which besides hot and cold water can produce water with slightly lower than ambient temperature. And in some models without cooling function only hot and ambient temperature water is available for use.Type of water temperature:
Type of cooling:
compressorWater dispensers with compressor cooling (for example, like household refrigerator) are more productive and can cool water below 10°C. In water dispensers with electronic cooling thermoelectric module is used which cooling is based on Peltier effect. Water dispensers with electronic cooling are less productive than with compressor ones. Cold water temperature in water dispenser is 12-15 °C less than room temperature.Type of cooling:
Child lock:
Purification capacity:
2 l/min.
Sizes of filtered particles (μm):
Heating output:
5.5 l/h (≤ 90°C)
Cooling output:
2.0 l/h (≤ 10°C)
Heating power:
650 w
Cooling power:
90 w
Temperature controlling:
Type of allocation:
floor standingTable top models are compact and can be installed on desk, nightstand, kitchen worktop and etc. Floor standing models have large sizes and should be installed on stable surfaces (on floor).Type of allocation:
Material of hot water tank:
stainless steel
Material of cold water tank:
stainless steel
Weight (net):
18.40 kg
Weight (gross):
20.20 kg
Size W*H*L (mm):
Packing size W*H*L (mm):
Taps height (mm):
795The level of tap allocation is the distance between floor and drain hole of water tap. Quite often this indicator enables to estimate definitely convenience of water collection in the cup or other reservoir.Taps height (mm):
Hot water tank volume:
1.00 l
Сold water tank volume :
3.60 l
Heating element type:
internal tube
Cup dispenser storage:
Normal temperature:
LED backlighting:
Heating / Cooling indicator:
Tap type:
Taps quantity:
Water dispensed by:
press-with-cup type tap
Power-saving mode:
Operating temperatures:
from + 18°C to + 38°C
Removable drip tray:
Energy efficiency class for heating:
Energy efficiency class for cooling:
24 m.
Compressor warranty:
5 years
Country of origin:
HotFrost 35AN

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