About company

HotFrost Limited is an international company, a global provider of water business equipment.

Hotfrost Limited headquarters are situated in Hong Kong. The production lines are located in Korea, China and Turkey.

Hotfrost Limited owns HotFrost brand.

HotFrost Limited was founded in 2003. Nowadays the company has its representative agencies in Southeast Asia, North America, Russia, Europe and CIS countries.


The main activity of our company is development of partnerships and formation of customer loyalty to the HotFrost brand.

The company provides complex customer service, giving the full range of services, including sales, warranty and service equipment maintenance.


ISO 9001:2000

All of the HotFrost coolers are certificated and meet international ISO 9001:2000 quality standards.

HotFrost 35AN

The premium cooler with bottom water loading

Two-year warranty

We are Confident in our Products’ Quality

About HotFrost

Hotfrost is a worldwide manufacturer and supplier of water dispensers.

HotFrost 45AS

New look and impressive functionality